There are times when a simple repair can no longer help solve your plumbing problems.  Leaks can go from bad to worse, especially when broken lines aren’t fixed right away.  For serious leak problems, the best solution is to have water lines replaced or rerouted to put an end to all of your problems.  

Many homeowners can fix minor leaks: a faulty faucet can be easily replaced with a new one, or pipes can be tightened.  However, there are times when being a DIY-er isn’t your best option.  In times like this, call O&M Plumbing to fix the drip.

A water line reroute is usually recommended for serious and damaging leaks, when replacement is not feasible or cost effective.  Another reason for rerouting your plumbing is during a remodeling project.  During the project, it might be necessary to make changes to your water line by rerouting your pipes.

O&M Plumbing Services is the most reliable plumbing company when it comes to water line replacements and reroutes.  Our licensed and insured plumbers offer quality and timely service.  Give us a call today at 512-466-2125 for a free quote.

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